Business & Management Experience

This is the project experience section in which you should list all of your relevant work experience in detail.
If you are new to Business & Decision, and are training in the office, please add as mission for B&D with a description of the trainings you are doing.

If you have already worked in previous companies, mention your employer or the client – and the consulting company between brackets- you worked for.

If you are new at Business & Decision and you have no related work experience yet, describe one of your projects/Thesis at the university or school and/or your internship in case you had one. Anything that you believe is related to your new role at B&D.

Project description: During her studies, Lisa did a 6-month internship at Company X, where she managed the development of a corporate website. The first part of the project was to define the company's web strategy and later to develop using web technologies.

Responsibilities: She was responsible for the needs analysis, offers gathering and analysis, the definition of the financial plan, etc. Secondly, her role was to supervise the implementation of the project. She arranged the professional calendar and supervised the partners’ work using a mixture of MS Project and UML for all Business Modeling

Environment: MS Projects, UML

If you have not been working on a project during a period of time, describe the internal responsibilities you had at Business & Decision and group them the projects section . You may then put Business & Decision as a client.
You have been handling several interconnected projects for one client you may group them under one experience and describe subparts of the projects in the same frame and adding dates in the description and keeping it Cronological (Last project first).


5.1 Position

Fill in here the name of your role in the project or job.

Examples: Senior System Analyst, Project Manager, Business Analyst

5.2 Client

Mention only the final client – then B&D or another consulting company- you have been working for.

Examples: BNP Paribas – Business & Decision

5.3 Dates

Make sure you complete the date correctly, meaning day-month-year. In case you do not remember anymore the exact day, you may complete this field with the first day of the month.
If you are still working on the project, please check ‘to this date’.

5.4 Project title

Use the official project title given by the client. If there is no title set, create a project title that gives a general idea of what the project is about, simple and straightforward.

Example 1: Adapt a Migration Project (ADM): user migration
Example 2: CRM application: Event Planning for Investment Banking Conferences

5.5 Project description

This section should give a short summary of the project scope. Describe the context, the objectives and expected or achieved results of the project. If you do not have this information, please request them to your manager.

For some projects you will find already a project description on our extranet under ‘methodology & projects’.

Example: IAM project for the migration of a user-based security model to a role-based security model.

5.6 Responsibilities

Detail your role in this section, tasks and responsibilities inside the team. Be clear, specific, complete and interesting. Highlight the added value you brought to the project, what tools/software you used and how you used it. Describe in detail, not only bullets.

Example 1: Supporting the Team Lead in providing solutions for internal and external security projects. Scoping and providing documentation to Java developers for e-services login, user management and single sign-on projects between Company X, Y and Z. Streamlining business process for the Employee Identity Management system. Additionally, proposing new design flows to improve customer experience and usability.

Example 2: He handled both the description of the requirements in terms of the functional needs and the technical options. He was responsible for the conceptual modeling of the business process using UML and Mega. He organized workshops with business users and IT analysts and took on the role to follow up the development.

5.7 Environment

Enter in this section all technologies with versions, databases and methodologies used on the project. Separate them with a semi colon (;)
All items mentioned in the competence matrix under ‘Skill, Experience and Knowledge at a glance’ must be found back under this section across the projects. You have also the possibility to mention specific versions or tools that are not included in the skills matrix.

Example 1: SAS Enterprise, Visio, Word, Excel

Example 'Benjamin':