Skill, Experience & Knowledge at a glance

This section should reflect the (technical) skills and knowledge in one or more specific domains you have developed through your experiences. We have created a more general skills matrix that should allow you to put the most important skills you have.

The easiest way to add your competencies is to go through each category one by one:

  • Functional domains
  • Languages (written, spoken, understanding)
  • Methodologies & Governance
  • Project Related Skills
  • Sector
  • Technical Skills

Add as many skills as possible; there is no limit in number of items. For each of the competencies you must add a level (junior, intermediate, advanced, expert) and the years of experience (1-5 y, 5-10 y, +10 y). If you cannot find a skill you are using and it is essential for your CV and also maybe for other other colleagues, please send a request to

You will find below this document an overview of this skills matrix.

Level description:

Junior: You have just a first experience on this tool/knowledge. You have a global overview of the functionalities but are still discovering the extensive possibilities.

Intermediate: You can start to work on this tool/knowledge at any client without support and coaching. You feel in your comfort zone for most the functionalities or specificities. You can give advice to junior consultants.

Advanced: You are considered as senior in your expertise. You can give training and advice at the client side. You know the advantages and limits of the tool/knowledge. You can execute several roles at the client side using this expertise.

Expert: You are considered as the reference for all the functionalities of this tool/knowledge. You can make a comparative analysis about this tool/knowledge.