The education section should include all the pertinent information on:

3.1 academic background (degrees awarded)
3.2 additional skills trainings
3.3 certifications

Spell out the degree subject indicating degree grades. Include the educational institution name(s). The system will automatically list your education in reverse chronological order. If you are currently enrolled in an educational program or training, list the expected graduation date. You can also include any relevant courses taken that specifically relate to your domain.

Click on ‘add item’ to enter a new education or qualification and click on the ‘save’-button. You will see a short overview in chronicle order. By clicking on the ‘edit’-button you will be able to see and update the details.

Make sure you complete the date correctly, meaning day-month-year. In case you do not remember anymore the exact day, you may complete this field with the first day of the month. An end date is essential as this is the main date the system uses to place in chronological order.

N.B Please note that should you add something later in education or training and you see its not in the correct order, send an email to us and we can adapt from the back-end of the application