MyCV Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before completing your CV

MyCV is an easy-to-use tool to help you build step by step and manage your B&D CV, making sure that all the right information is included in the B&D lay out. The purpose is to create a general CV which contains all your experiences, skills and training.

A detailed, accurate, updated CV is very important, not only for B&D, but also to you. Our core business is in the knowledge that our people have and to be able to find you interesting missions and projects the CV is our first sales tool.
MyCV is created in Otys, the same tool we use for all applications on our career website, which allows a continuous workflow from initial application to join us, through to a final project.
Once you have completed the all the sections on MYCV, our sales organization can easily generate your CV in several templates, allowing us to send the most appropriate format to the client, highlighting the key skills.

This tutorial provides very ‘basic’ guidelines for new users to create your profile on MyCV. You will also find some useful advice and information about how to write the perfect CV to allowing us to find the best missions for you.


Access: You have received an email in your B&D email inbox with your new password and login for MyCV. In the ‘Login data’-section you have the possibility to change your password. In case you have forgotten your password, you can go to the homepage ( where you can request to reset your password.

Attention for errors: pay attention to grammar and spelling, copy and paste into the tool via word or outlook etc where you can spell check, then place it back into MyCV or vice versa (write in tool, cut to word, spell check and paste back).

Focus on value: your CV must be appealing and understandable by any kind of audience. Make sure you do not just write a compilation of technical details or just bullets. Make it clear and specific. Its very important is to highlight your contribution to the projects, what you did, how you used the tool etc. Remember, this is a professional CV, ban any personal or non relevant information such as e.g. your hobbies.

Remain positive: describe your projects and roles in a positive way, highlight the added value you brought to the client.

Skills overview: make sure you put all your skills in this section, also for skills you only had training in.

• Use short sentences and make them more direct by using verbs.
• Use specific terminology and language. Whereas "handles paperwork" is too general, "reviews resumes and job applications" is more specific.

• Quantify outcomes in numbers, not words (‘Retained 100% of staff…’) as it is quicker to read or scan.

• Refer to your name or ‘he/she’ instead of ‘I’